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The Lajas Flag


The Lajas flag is comprised of three (3) horizontal stripes.  The top one is green, the middle is white and the bottom is canary yellow.  A white stripe of equal width to the others is centered vertically forming a cross.  In the center of the cross there is a pineappple, the color of a ripe, orange, pineapple. Surrounding the pineapple are eleven (11) stars arranged in a circle.  Five are evenly arranged in the top part of the circle and six are arranged in the bottom half.  


The significance of the colors and elements of the flag are as follows:  The green stripe represents the green valley of Lajas, the town’s agricultural center. The canary yellow stripe represents the wealth of the soil. The intersection of the two white stripes represents the union of all the lajeños and to point out that Lajas is a town of love, peace and friendship.  The cross that results from the two white stripes represents the religious roots of  Lajas, the faith in God and a belief in divine things.


The flag of Lajas was designed by Señorita Maritza Luciano and Señor Sigifredo Irizarry.


Created by Steven Fine, Datagems