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The Coat-Of-Arms (Shield) of Lajas


The shield of the coat-of-arms has a golden body with a green band crossing it diagonally from the top left, downward to the right.  The gold color represents the wealth of the land.  Green represents the natural beauty of the valley. The band is adorned, on each end, with a pineapple and in the center a seashell.  The pineapple is the regional fruit (pińa cabezona) and  the seashell represents the founder of the town in the person of Don Teodoro Jácome Pagán.  (In the science of heraldry, the seashell represents Santiago, Jácome, Diego...).  A Cardinal’s red hat appears o its upper right side and a red anchor with a green rope entwined around it is on its lower left.  The hat represents the distinctive hat conferred on our Cardinal Luis Aponte Martínez. The anchor represents the tourism gem of La Parguera. 


Above the shield is a  golden castle with three (3) towers. Each tower is comprised of two square windows and a door with an arched top. The base of the castle has three (3) identical doors. The castle represents the municipal autonomy of Lajas and its windows and doors the eleven neighborhoods (barrios) of the municipality.


Beneath the shield of the coat of arms appears a ribbon with the inscription "Ciudad Cardenalicia" (The Cardinal’s City). The ribbon and  it’s inscription appears in black. It represents the honor that fell to Lajas as the home of the first Puerto Rican Cardinal conferred with the title. 


The official shield was designed by Mr. Roberto Irizarry.


Created by Steven Fine, Datagems