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Lajas Hymn

By: Hernán Ortiz Noriega (Rola)

Our Lajas, our dear town

I have a warm place in my heart for you

I am proud to be born

In your unforgettable countryside.


Lighthouse and light you will be of Puerto Rico

With your Experimental Station,

With the irrigation in your blessed Valley,

La Parguera which has no equal.


I yearn for you in my absence and sigh

For your pineapples of world fame.

And in my nights of delirious dreams

For your mountains, your valley and your sea.


Explanation of the hymn

The Lajas Hymn is a song sung by the composer, “Rola” when he went to cafes and entertainment establishments. The Cultural Center adopted it as its hymn. Then, they made a marching tune for it. When the Town celebrated it’s Centennial, the hymn was officially presented to Lajas. It was formally dedicated as the official hymn on July 1, 1983.

Created by Steven Fine, Datagems