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...Why Our Town Is Called Lajas?

From the middle of the 18th century a small village with little economic resources had already begun to form in the northern part of the region called "Sabana Yeguas".  A small village of neighbors, of few economic resources chose the place to build their humble dwellings seeking to supply the first material need of man: their thirst.  There existed at that time a beautiful crystal clear spring that flowed from a rock in a burbling spurt, fed by the abundance of frequent rains and protected by the shade of the trees that covered it. 

In that location there were many rocks of limestone.  There were a great number of flat, smooth stones that formed stone slabs (Lajas).  Its inhabitants gave the settlement the name of Lajas (stone slabs), and the spring became know as Chorro de Lajas, the Spout of Lajas.

The Legend of the Origin of the Village of Lajas 

Tradition and legend tell us that many years ago a farmer walking towards his home.  He tired and stopped to rest in front of a Higüero tree.  When he looked at the trunk of the tree he saw the image of the Virgin of the Candelaria. Maybe someone had forgotten it there, he thought.  Through word-of-mouth the story reached the parish of San Germán. Days past and the man returned on the same footpath and felt the impulse to approach the Higüero. To his great surprise he again saw the image in the tree. He told everybody and when they returned to see the image they couldn't find it anywhere.

It was discussed a great deal and was interpreted to mean that this was a quiet message from the Virgin Our Lady of Candelaria asking that a chapel be built upon that hill. Her desire was fulfilled and people began to move to the area. Thus the legend explains the growth of the village we know today as "Lajas”.


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