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Hon. Marcos Arturo Irizarry Pagan


Municipality of Lajas

Marcos Arturo Irizarry “Turín", the Mayor of Lajas was born March 17, 1954.  His parents are Mr. Arturo Irizarry Pagan and the Mrs. Maria Pagan Martínez.  Since he was very young, “Turín” has been interested in sports.  As a boy he participated in the Police Athletic League Tournament and at 13 began to play class A Baseball with the Palmarejo team.  In 1968 he was selected “Class A Baseball, Rookie of the Year”.  In 1970, he played with the Central Youth League, an occasion which resulted in a batting championship and being selcted as  “Most Valuable Player of the All Stars.  In 1972, he was selected “Rookie of the Year of  Coliceba, Puerto Rico”, and was given the Roberto Clemete award for the player who balances outstanding skills on the baseball field with civic responsibility. In 1973, he signed with the Peñuelas Double A club.

Among “Turin’s” achievements and sports activities are the following:

1972 “All-star player of record” on the Piñeros ball club.
1973-74 Represented Puerto Rico in the Torneo del Concilio Hispánico in New York with Doctor Morales.

“Batting Champion” for the Piñeros ball club.

First Lajeño on the national team representing Puerto Rico as the national team representative for Puerto Rico in the World Series with the Coliceba ball club in Santo Domingo and Florida. 

“Most Valuable Player” for the Piñeros team.


“RBI Champion” of the southern section.

“Most Valuable Player” of  Pinuelas.

1977 Selected  “Most Gentlemanly Player (Jugador mas Caballeroso)” in the southern section of Double A Baseball.
1978-79 “Batting Champion” for the Pineros ball club.
1980-82 “Batting Champion" for the Peñuelas ball club.
1981- Declared "Adopted Son and Favorite“ on the Peñuelas; to pay homage to him.

"Batting Champion" for the southern section with a .423 average.

The sportsmen of Lajas pay homage to him (Torneo de Baloncesto - Basketball Tournament)

1987- The "Tourneo de Billarda" (Billard Tournament) is dedicated to him.

"Turin" has participated in five All-Star games and has travelled abroad to represent Lajas and Puerto Rico on seven (7) occasions. Being the president of his graduating class he graduated High School with the highest honors from  Luis Muñoz Rivera in 1972.  In 1973 “Turín” along with Dr. Moral Savior, Gabriel Cefo Lugo and Freddie Vargas, organizes the Torneo de Basketball 90 (Basketball Tournament) on the Anniversary of Lajas. In 1977 he established the Organización Deportiva Atlética Lajena, Inc. (ODAL) (Sports & Athletic Organization), which presides. In the 1978, he organizes the first game of Primero Categoría (First-Rate) of Lajas. In the 1977, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree with concentration in Mathematics from  the San German campus of Interamerican University. He graduated with honors.  In 1978 together with Sra. Betty Garcés they had 4 children: Belmar, 18 years old; Dalila del Mar, 14; Marcos Francisco "Paquito", 9; and Sheila, 7.

In the 1981 he organized, along with his wife, the Grupo de Arte y Refinamiento Cultural, Inc. (Group of Art and Cultural Refinement). He is the president of the Srta. Desportes (Miss Sports) contest and Vice-president of Miss Borinquen Teenage of Puerto Rico. He is the official Master-Of-Ceremonies of the contest at the state level. Enrique Ramírez has been president of the marathon which has been selected for four (4) consecutive years as the best organized in Puerto Rico. In 1987 he completed an Associate Degree in Teaching Mathematics, from the University of Pheonix, earning 30 credits towards a Master's degree in Administration and Supervision. Among "Turnin's" most prominant qualities are his excellent organizational abilities and his leadership in the sports world, social, artistic (as a poet) and culture in general. He was the  Vice-President of the Lajas Lions Club. “Turin” is a simple person that, according to him, was born to help and to serve the town. His priorities are: his children, wife, parents, and other family. Until 1987 “Turín” fulfilled himself as professor and supervisor of Mathematics in the Lajas School District. At the same time he gave classes in various courses in the Interamerican University in San German. 

After being elected Mayor in November 1996, he has carried out the position of Mayor of Lajas, by the grace of God, for the opportunity to serve him and his beloved town.


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